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Why Turtleshield

A) Personal Data Protection

“Data discovery” is time-consuming, expensive, and resource intensive, which is a show-stopper for the enterprises to implement effective privacy and security programs. Long & short of it is that Data Discovery is a huge undertaking.

Generally, most key business functions in an enterprise are data-driven. The amount of data available is increasing multifold. Data, including business data, personal data, security data, consumer data, and the like are continuously being added to the existing pool of data of the enterprises, amounting to data maximization.

Consequently, it is a daunting task to track and govern all such data generated on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, ever-expanding unstructured data in a database hampers the efficiency of computing assets and makes it difficult to retrieve data having relevance. Ever increasing volume of data multiplies the challenges to the security and privacy of the data.

Data Protection / Data Privacy regulations such as The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, EU (GDPR), and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) mandate that enterprises should not keep citizens' personal data without purpose, and the individual data subjects are conferred upon with a battery of data subject rights enshrined under the relevant Data Privacy / Protection Regulations, which these individual data subject exercise vide ‘DSR’ (Data Subject Request).

B) Minimize exposure of data:

Do you know if your enterprise’s excess/redundant data is a regulatory liability / risk?

Data is a key business driver, collecting and storing excess data has become a common practice among enterprises leading to issues pertaining to data hygiene & management. Collecting more data than required by the enterprises poses a significant risk, and mitigation of this exposure ought to be tackled by the enterprises. Nevertheless, one has to bear in mind that excess/redundant data implies a regulatory liability / risk.

Undertaken Data Minimization across your enterprise?

TurtleShield DM (Data Minimization) module enables & facilitates the enterprises to minimize excess data in a realistic manner and adhere to the data minimization principle, which is a key & an essential ingredient embedded into a series of Data Protection / Data Privacy regulations. This module evaluates & assesses the actual data & prioritizes the minimization of personal & sensitive data, such as PHI and PII, to avoid legal liabilities and reduce the risk substantially in case of breaches.

TurtleShield provides AI-based intelligence to provide insights into actual data, by duly considering the retention-based parameters. This method is a non-conventional method, better than the traditional method..

How does the "TurtleShield" ‘Patented Technology’ product mitigate the overall risk?


Ardent Privacy’s patented technology product “TurtleShield” is a Machine Learning and AI- powered enterprise software platform that enables and automates the process of identification, discovery, Inventory, minimization, mapping, and secure deletion of personal and sensitive data, enables and automates the data subject rights, helping enterprises to adhere to & comply with the Data Protection / Privacy laws.


TurtleShield’s procedure for accomplishing data minimization without reading data content” is recognized for its innovative and nimble method with the use of ML and AI models to discover and minimize data. Ardent's differentiating feature is accomplished using trained data discovery and minimization-based ML and NLP models. The method includes determining portions of the plurality of datasets based on one or more parameters.


TurtleShield PI (Privacy Intelligence) applies the unique oil drilling-like approach to data discovery across the entire data footprint and not just a subset of data. With appropriate prioritization, it focuses on data which matters the most while offering meaningful insights into the enterprise data.


Ardent Privacy’s patented technology uses natural language and machine learning processing to categorize data to let enterprises focus more on the data hygiene in addition to the data discovery. This would put organizations and businesses in a position where it keeps only the information necessary to do business.


Ardent mobilizes the power of AI to assist enterprises with data discovery and automated compliance with global regulations by taking a data-driven approach. By using TurtleShield, enterprises can minimize risk and liability by limiting excess storage of personal & sensitive information. Data minimization reduces the costs associated with securing data and storage. It is important for enterprises to know what data they have and only keep what they need to for doing the business.


To summarize, Ardent Privacy’s ‘Patented Technology’ reduces the efforts significantly and provides meaningful action / insights on the actual data.

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