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Post-Cookie Enterprise Consent

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Mobile Consent

Post Cookie Enterprise Consent

Under the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA), General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and all other new privacy regulations, user consent is now key to processing private data. TurtleShield CM stores preferences in a secure database, where they are always accessible via API, unlike deprecated “cookie” solutions that store them inside the user’s browser.

We refer to TurtleShield CM as “Enterprise Consent” because it uniquely handles the ingestion of private data from every type of touchpoint used by modern enterprises.

TurtleShield CM works with native mobile apps, web apps, email, SMS text messaging, voice commands, on IOT devices, and even in physical locations such as retail, hospitality, and sports venues.

When audiences include children under 18 age, TurtleShield CM provides a streamlined compliance flow supporting age estimation, identifying parents and guardians, and gathering their consent as required by regulations.

Integration and Setup

Privacy regulations require that consent be gathered whenever private data or tracking will be performed. This means that every data ingestion touchpoint must be set up to properly show privacy notices and capture user preferences.

TurtleShield CM has been designed to streamline this process, with full technical API documentation and over 20 functional integration examples.

For the required consent management dashboards, enterprises can easily integrate TurtleShield CM into existing preference pages or use the generic dashboards provided.

Understandable Privacy Notices

TurtleShield CM offers enterprises an extremely friendly and easy-to-understand privacy notice based on the “Nutrition Facts” placards that have been used on food products for 25 years.

The text of the notice can be managed by legal or privacy team members without requiring any attention from IT, because TurtleShield CM provides a content management dashboard, supporting notices in many languages, including the 23 required by DPDPA.

These notices can be posted in physical locations by using a QR code.

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