Data Privacy and Security for BFSI Industry
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We find the Ardent team very collaborative while working on our project. They work with us as an integrated team of bank, very hand in hand, and they are always ready to support us to any extent. I must appreciate it. My very best wishes to the entire Ardent team. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Rahul Rajendra Prasad

Data Privacy Officer (DPO), HDFC Bank

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Key benefits of Ardent for BFSI Industry

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost minimize risk

Reduce Risk

Regulatory Compliance

Enhance Security

Security control align to business

Ardent Value Proposition For BFSI Industry

Minimize Data

Know and discover your sensitive data first, to secure it

This is achieved by a nimble and oil drilling-like approach to discovery: We create a global map of organizational data, which is subject to “data protection/privacy regulations”.

Monitor Data

Audit and keep track of data localization

Globally data localization or sovereignty is becoming a standard regulatory requirement. We can create a global data inventory, to facilitate a single pane of glass of personal or sensitive data based on geographies, to enable you to take necessary action on a proactive basis.

Audit Data

CERT-In regulatory compliance

The data inventory module automates the data asset inventory and performs auto-tagging at high speed using machine learning. It discovers, identifies, and maps data from PII to sensitive data assets. Instead of relying on manual reports or questionnaires which are prone to errors, the data inventory module generates reports based on the actual data such as PII.

Security and privacy control aligned to your business


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Industry Use Cases

Learn how Ardent is helping customers with their privacy compliance and data centric security journey.

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